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Supporting and empowering young people in preparation for independent living

Solo 1-1 Services

Solo placements which are bespoke by their nature, in order to meet the needs of commissioners for unique individuals and packages of support.

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Semi Independence

To support and empower young people in preparation for independent living, to encourage and develop young people’s confidence and life skills so they are ready to take advantage future opportunities and live successful lives.

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Support Provided

At Access to Care, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our young people. We work with a focus on preparation for independent living; this includes focusing on the following:

In order to ensure that our young people discover the importance of budgeting, we focus on how budgeting can be managed to achieve a good standard of living when they are living independently.

We also look at bills and who, when and how to pay them, working around realistic expectations of finances when young people live independently.

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Staff at Access to Care will help young people discover how to make the most out of their weekly shop and how to make their food go further.

Young people will be supported, supervised, and given guidance when preparing and cooking meals.

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Young people will be supported to learn how to shop independently, as this is a valuable and necessary skill that they will have to apply to independent living.

From showing them where to shop for the best deals and how to stretch a weekly budget, staff will also support young people in completing a weekly meal planner.

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At Access to Care we offer support in accessing all medical appointments ensuring all young people up to date with their medical needs.

If required access to care will help establish registration with all relevant health professionals and ensure that the young people know how to access these services in the future.

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Good Housekeeping
In preparation for future independence, young people are supported to learn life skills such as how to maintain a clean environment and how to use products to do this, for example, learning how to do laundry and the importance of regular cleaning.

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At Access to Care, we are well located to the local college, University, and other training skills providers. We have strong links within the community to ensure that young people are supported to access and maintain their learning goals.

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