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Read the stories of some of the people that Access to Care have helped.

Helping young people

At Access to Care, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our young people. We work with a focus on preparation for independent living. All these stories feature young people whose names have been changed for anonymity.

Zahid's Story
Zahid’s Story

Zahid (not their real name) came to Access to Care as an emergency placement and had been referred to us by the local safeguarding team with multiple concerns. Zahid had been identified as being at risk of Child Sexual exploitation after a number of missing from home instances where Zahid had been associating with older adult males from the local travelling community.

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Mark's Story
Mark’s Story

Mark (not his real name) came to Access to Care as an asylum seeker from Afghanistan. Mark was a very positive young man and was keen to integrate in to the local Afghanistan community. Mark was supported to gain access to College for an ESOL course. Mark was a great cook and would often cook meals for the house with his rice dishes being a speciality.

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Jane's Story
Jane’s Story

Jane (not her real name) arrived at Access to Care during a time of family breakdown with her brothers and sister being placed in other settings. Jane really struggled with her emotions and had a difficult time settling in and seeing staff there to help her as a positive. Jane would spend nights missing from home and took to drinking alcohol, returning to placement a little worse for wear.

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Hi Donna!
Staff interview – Donna

Donna has worked in Social Care for over twenty years and is an important part of our Access To Care team. Here she very kindly allows us to interview her, to give an understanding of her day to day role, supporting the young people at our service.

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