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Jane’s Story

Jane (not her real name) arrived at Access to Care during a time of family breakdown with her brothers and sister being placed in other settings. Jane really struggled with her emotions and had a difficult time settling in and seeing staff there to help her as a positive. Jane would spend nights missing from home and took to drinking alcohol, returning to placement a little worse for wear.

Jane found it hard to focus on moving on and was struggling with her family issues and her own feelings. Things could get a bit a bit challenging around boundary setting and when staff tried to work around planning and independent living skills.

It’s fair to say a great deal was achieved with Jane during the time spent with Access to Care and although it may of seemed slow progress, change became clear to see. Multi agency working and persistence from staff was a big part of what was helped Jane.

Jane moved on to independence successfully after her time with Access to Care.

On visiting the service eighteen months after leaving Jane commented, “Am I the worst you ever had ? ”

Jane had returned to the service full of pride in herself and had brought her now husband and their new baby with her.

Jane was keen to show how well she was doing and said “it was like having four mums, I love all my staff, sometimes I wish I could live here again”.

When Jane was asked what was the biggest factor that helped, Jane said “ I don’t know, it’s hard to pick a thing but I think it was like, it was always there you knew the staff cared and it wasn’t just a job or words, I guess I felt loved I reckon, sounds soft but yeah that’s it.”

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